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Afreeism 101

Dear Reader —

I am happy to announce the publication of my new book on afreeism. The book is available through Amazon (print and Kindle), Barnes and Noble, and other booksellers. AS A SPECIAL THANKS TO MY FOLLOWERS, THE KINDLE VERSION IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON FOR 99 CENTS FOR THE…

Afreeist Society Press Release

Quinten Phillipe Jones is scheduled to be executed on May 19, 2021, for the murder of his great-aunt. Jones was 20 years old at the time and an addict. He had a long history of drug addiction, poverty, and abuse. In 1999, Jones killed his great-aunt in a robbery for…

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Afreeism 101

In August 1966, after killing his mother and wife, Charles Whitman climbed the tower at the University of Texas and began shooting with a hunting rifle. In all, he killed 13 people and injured over 30. Here is an account by the neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky:

Whitman was literally an Eagle…

Afreeism 101

It is hard to be alive without messing up, often significantly. The more one lives, the more opportunity one has to make mistakes. We often have feelings of guilt, regret, and remorse for these actions or inactions. Feelings of guilt pervade our society. One article that appeared in the Guardian…

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Economist, teacher, student, dabbler in philosophy, ideas, music, and sport. Knows nothing for sure or maybe at all.

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